Global Engagement and Opportunity (GEO) Program

Global Engagement and Opportunity (GEO) Program is a structured way for students to document their global education and receive formal recognition for their global engagement at Fairleigh Dickinson University. This program allows students to earn points through completion of various courses and activities toward a Global Engagement Certificate. Since points are awarded on a wide and diverse range of activities and courses selected by the student, under the guidance of an assigned faculty adviser, the program is flexible enough to enable any student to participate. Students earning enough points to achieve one of three designated levels will receive a certificate of completion, as well as special recognition at commencement, and will have this distinction noted on their official transcript.

Program Goals

Global Engagement and Opportunity (GEO) Program provides any student with the opportunity to document their global education and receive formal recognition for it. At Fairleigh Dickinson University, we have been engaged in a decade-long experiment educating global citizens to succeed and prosper in the global marketplace of cultures and ideas. Over time the University community has developed a rich framework of global learning opportunities through its academic programming and curriculum, as well as through its co-curricular and community activities. The GEO program is a natural next step in that process, to encourage students to pursue these opportunities and to empower them to take charge of their own learning on their unique path to global education.

The GEO program is open to all FDU students and aims to offer enough flexibility to give participating students the chance to earn enough points to achieve one of three designated levels of participation. Participation in the program will also open the door for students to learn about new and exciting engagement opportunities and to join a network of students pursuing a similar goal. Students who complete the program will earn a certificate of completion that will to help to distinguish the student’s resume from others and help them to start their professional careers in a globalized world.

Program Structure

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers numerous opportunities for international and intercultural learning, including formal classroom experiences, Collaborative International On-Line Learning, study abroad programs, and the Global Scholars program, as well as co-curricular experiences including UN Pathways events, Visiting Scholar lectures, volunteer and service programs, and campus cultural events.

The program structure is very flexible; therefore, it can be adjusted to almost any major. The three completion point levels offer options to students so that even for those whom time is extremely limited, there is the possibility of earning a certificate of completion and related recognition. Students have the opportunity to fulfill the required level of points through different combination of courses and activities.

Once completed, the student can submit a request for point evaluation, providing required documentation, to his GEO faculty advisor. The advisor will then review and approve the appropriate number of points for each activity submitted. Students are expected to have at least two meetings per semester with their assigned GEO advisor, but can expect to have ongoing communication with the advisor and with GEO program administrators to keep abreast of new program opportunities and events. GEO faculty advisors will also help students identify engagement opportunities, encourage balance and variety in their selections, and will help support the student on his path to the Global Engagement Certificate.


The GEO program is available to all undergraduate students, including transfer students, part-time students and commuters. Through program participation, students earn points for each approved course or activity toward the Global Engagement Certificate*. Each student will document their participation in an activity or course through the GEO Program Organization on Webcampus and will meet with an assigned faculty adviser (virtually, or in person) at least twice a semester for point approval and guidance.

Students in the GEO Program will be able to participate at their own pace, earning points through a flexible menu of curricular, co-curricular, study abroad and service learning options. In addition to advising sessions with faculty, there will be opportunities for networking with other GEO program participants and special invitations to events qualifying for GEO points.

Students who achieve the total number of points required for one of three designated participation levels will be awarded a Global Engagement Certificate*. The three participation levels offer increased flexibility to allow students to earn their certificate of completion.

Students interested in participating in the GEO program can begin at any time. They simply complete the registration form and will be assigned to a faculty mentor to get started. Students can even get a jump start on their point collection with courses and verifiable activities from the previous semester.

Contact Information

Diana Cvitan, University Director of Global Education

Contact Information

Marisela Rivera, Assistant Director for Global Engagement