Undergraduate Part Time Tuition and Fees

All fees, tuition and charges are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Application Fee

All students applying to the University for the first time and all students reapplying after a lapse of one or more semesters will be charged the application fee of $50, which will not be refunded or credited to tuition.

Tuition for Undergraduate Courses

Tuition per credit (on campus)$1,005.00
Technology Fee (per term)$235.00
University Wellness Fee (per credit, per semester)$4.00
Returned Check Charge (no sufficient funds)$25.00
Transcript Fee (per copy)$7.00
Graduation Fee (Associate and Bachelor Degrees)$265.00
Graduation Fee (Accelerated Degrees)$265.00

Other Fees

Experiential learning credits
Fee per posting (6 credit limit)
Peace Corps$285.00
Special Challenge Examinations and other University-evaluated credit for prior experience$285.00
Auditing Fee (Regular Fee equal to tuition for one credit hour for each course.)
Add $10.00 registration fee/technology fee and any required course fees.
Senior citizens, Metropolitan Campus (per course)$295.00
Florham Institute of Lifelong Learning, (FILL) Florham Campus (per course)
Per semester for one or more courses offered by Division of Life Experience. Fee waived if senior citizen fee of $295.00 is paid for any regular University course.
Alumni Auditor (per course)
Add $10.00 registration fee/technology fee per semester and any required course fees.

Other Expenses

Estimated cost for each academic year for books, supplies and equipment varies from $500.00 to $625.00, depending upon the curriculum.

Medical technology students pay a fee of $1,185.00 for the 32 college credits earned in the 12-month hospital practice period. The fee, which covers supervision of the program, is payable in the fall semester of the senior year.