Summer Session Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Course Summer Discounts

For summer 2024, undergraduate tuition will be standard rate for the first 3-credit course, and subsequent courses at half tuition. Summer discounts make summer credits an even better way to Go for 4: catch up, get ahead, solve schedule conflicts, make time for an internship, and graduate in four years (see below for program exceptions).

Graduate Course Summer Discounts

For summer 2024, graduate tuition will be standard rate for the first three credits and subsequent credits at a $100 reduction (see below for exceptions).

Please note, the following programs are exempted from the Undergraduate and Graduate discounts above: 

The five-year PsyD in School Psychology, the Doctor of Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy Doctorate, Physician’s Assistant Program, accelerated BSN (18 month and 24 month), and any other flat rate programs.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition for a course during Summer Sessions is determined by its number of credits, the level of the course (undergraduate or graduate), and the college or school through which it is offered. The chart below lists the per credit tuition charges for 2024 Summer Sessions.

Undergraduate Tuition Per Credit$1005.00
Graduate Tuition Per CreditPlease see the Graduate Tuition and Fees page for rates.

Notes and Fees

Students in the EMBA, Saturday MBA program, the PhD programs in psychology and other “special billing” programs should contact the Office of Enrollment Services for Summer Session tuition and fees.

Summer discount available only for courses taken through our NJ campuses.

Summer Session Fees

Registration Fee (one time) – $23 (any number of 2024 Summer Session courses)

Technology Fee (per credit) – $12 (applies to all Summer Session courses)

University Wellness Fee (per credit) – $4 (applies to all Summer Session courses conducted on campus or blended but not study abroad

Payment Information

Payment in the form of check or money order is accepted in the Office of Enrollment Services. In addition, FDU offers a secure online payment method. Please see Payment Options for more information.