Vancouver Admission for International Students

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How to Apply

Steps to Apply

How to apply at Vancouver Campus for International Students
  • FIRST prepare electronic (scanned) copies of ALL your admission documents. Use the following checklist to prepare your Vancouver Campus application package:

    1. Attested or official transcripts, academic records, diplomas, national examination results, certificates or degrees received from all secondary, post-secondary, university and/or professional schools. Certified English translation must accompany the transcripts if the documents are not in English.
      For admissions purposes, copies of the transcripts are acceptable. If the student is admitted, the official transcript will be required.
    2. Optional: Two (2) recommendation letters.
    3. A copy of IELTS test results or TOEFL,  Pearsons PTE-A  results sent directly from the testing agency to Fairleigh Dickinson University. Include a photocopy of the results (if available) with your application package. Please review our policy on English proficiency.
    4. Optional: SAT or ACT scores to be sent to the Vancouver Campus. Fairleigh Dickinson University’s SAT code is 5823, and ACT code is 2552.
    5. Optional: Freshmen who have completed AP or IB exams, students with GCE A-level courses and students who have taken coursework at another university may be eligible for credit transfer. Please submit all relevant scores to us as soon as they are available.
    6. Copy of information page in your valid passport.
    7. If you are also applying for Global Scholars Program, please prepare answers to the Global Scholars Questionnaire
  • Please make sure that you create the account with your most used e-mail. Admissions team will communicate with you using that e-mail address.

    Please make sure you fill in the information in the application form accurately. Any unanswered questions will delay processing of your application. You will not be able to change or modify your answers after you submit the Application Form.

    After you submit the Application, you will access Required Documents list. Please upload a separate scanned file for each item on the list.

    After you submit all required documents, Admissions team will notify you when your application became complete and sent for processing.

    Review the status of your On-Line Application regularly! Please check if it shows any missing documents that are still required for your application to be processed.

    US$100 USD non-refundable application fee must be paid by credit card to submit the on-line application.

    If you submit the application successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an Application ID number. Please use this number for future inquiries.

    Official copies of the transcripts and other admission documents can be ordered to be mailed to the Vancouver Campus directly after the application is submitted online.

    Note: All applicants for Bachelor Degree programs are considered for Vancouver Campus scholarships . No separate application is required.

    If you are also applying for Global Scholars Program please answer the Global Scholars Questionnaire when filling in your on-line application form.

    When you log-in into your on-line account, the status on the on-line application will show “Action Required”.

    You can upload any additional documents that you think can help admissions team when processing your application even if they are not required.

    All required documents have to be in the status of “Received” or “Met”. If the item is optional for your application, it will display as “Waived”.

  • Please check your e-mails regularly!

    Students are admitted on a “rolling basis”. If your application is complete, a decision on admission and scholarship will generally be made within two-three weeks.

    Once the decision is made, you will receive an email notification. You will need to log in into the Applicant’s account to check your status.

    If you are accepted, please view your Decision Letter under the decision History Tab and click the “Respond Now” link to accept the Offer.

    PLEASE REFER TO Vancouver Campus Scholarship page for information on estimated cost for the degree.

    To reserve the Scholarship Award and the seat in the program, you will need to pay a non-refundable tuition deposit of US$8,500.00 within 45 days from the date of the Letter of Offer. Please refer to your Letter of Offer for the deposit amount details.

    Note: Please note that the tuition deposit is ONLY refundable (less registration fee) if your application for a Study Permit is denied by Canadian Immigration. Please visit the Vancouver Campus refund policy page for more details

    Upon receipt of your tuition deposit, we will notify you when your Letter of Acceptance is ready for download from the Applicant’s account.

    You will use this Letter of Acceptance to apply for your Canadian Study Permit

  • If you have not provided official documents at the time of your application, you will be required to send your official transcripts to the admissions office before the start of the classes or present them to Admissions during the New Students Orientation.

    Official and certified transcripts MUST be presented in a sealed envelope.

    Some countries only issue documents in certain formats. Admissions will require only ONE acceptable format depending on the country of origin and school issuing the documents. Official and Certified transcripts are the most common documents issued in MOST countries.

    • Official transcript is prepared by the issuing University/College usually by the Registrar Office with an original signature of a school official on the school letterhead and is sealed by the school.
    • Certified transcript – is a copy of the transcript that is stamped and signed by an appropriate member of College/University staff such as the Academic Registrar or the Head of Department/Director of Studies to verify that the marks shown are accurate and is sealed by the school.
    • Original transcript (in very few countries)– is the only copy of the transcript issued to you by the University/College (usually is printed on the secure paper, has registration number and official seal). Replacement of that document would require a police certificate.
    • Official electronic transcripts sent through secured method to
    • External credential evaluation by one of the NACES accredited evaluation agencies.

    The official and certified transcripts can be mailed directly to:

    Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver Campus
    842 Cambie Street
    Vancouver, BC   V6B 2P6

    Please check our Admitted Students section for more information on further steps.

Entrance Requirements

Education Requirements

An applicant must have graduated from an accredited or government recognized secondary school or have received his or her General Education Development (GED) certificate.

It is recommended (but not required) that an applicant completes the equivalent of 16 academic (university preparatory) units in secondary school.


For transcripts not in English, a notarized or certified English translation must accompany the original transcript. A transcript is official only when it is sent directly from an institution to Fairleigh Dickinson University-Vancouver’s Admissions Office, or when it is submitted in a sealed envelope stamped by the institution.

For admissions purposes, copies of the transcripts are acceptable. If the student is admitted, the official transcript will be required.


Two letters of recommendation are optional.

Students applying for the Global Scholars Program are required to provide 2 letters of recommendation.

English Language Proficiency

An applicant whose native language is not English is required to submit the results of a test of English Proficiency to the Office of International Admissions.  Students from Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand do not need to submit test scores.

Please refer to the English Proficiency page for more information on the language requirements for the specific programs.

An applicant who has previously attended a high school, college or university in Canada or the United States for more than two years and have earned passing grades in English courses may be exempt from an English proficiency exam.

Conditional Admission

Applicants unable to meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement can receive conditional admission by enrolling in one of the partner English language schools in Vancouver:

Please refer to the complete list of FDU Vancouver Campus Pathway programs for more information.

Applicants must file both a Vancouver Campus Application for Admission and a separate admission application to the English language school of their choice.

Advanced Standing

Students who complete College Board Advanced Placement courses or International Baccalaureate exams, students with GCE A-level courses and students who have taken coursework at another university or college may be eligible for credit transfer. Please submit all relevant scores to us as soon as they are available.

If an applicant has enrolled in an academic program at a regionally accredited college or university for at least two years on a full-time basis, high school transcripts are no longer required. Please submit the college/university transcripts instead. After an admission decision is made, a credential evaluation will be conducted to award appropriate transfer credits.

SAT or ACT Scores

SAT or ACT scores are NOT required for admission consideration. However, an applicant may be eligible for higher scholarship award if they score above 1050 in SAT Critical Reading and Math combined sections, or above 23 in ACT. If an applicant has a SAT or ACT score, please request ETS ( to send official score reports to Fairleigh Dickinson University. Fairleigh Dickinson University’s SAT code is 5823, and ACT code is 2552.

Application Deadlines

Fall (September) term –  April 30

Spring (January) term –  August 31

Summer (May) term – December 31