Internship Program

FDU is committed to helping prepare its students and graduates for entry into the work force. We recognize and value learning opportunities which take place outside of the classroom that can help prepare students for this transition. Practical work experience opportunities such as internships can help to support this goal.

An Internship is a learning situation where the students have the opportunity to gain practical work experience and observe the working environment related to your program of studies. An Internship also provides an opportunity for students to apply concepts that they have learned through their academic program in a practical work environment. Internships allow students to expand their understanding of different organizational structures and the working relationships within a workplace environment.

All FDU programs have an Internship requirement or option. For students to take the Internship, they must be registered in an appropriate course, for which tuition is paid. The course has an academic component in addition to the experiential component. The course would be under the supervision of an academic instructor, formally evaluated and a grade assigned. Internships may be placed through an FDU assigned placement company. However, students may find the Internship by themselves.

For additional information on Internships, please contact the Career Services Office.

Internship Options by Program