FDU’s recent strategic planning efforts have focused heavily on improving student retention and success, as well as creating greater access and affordability. These were important priorities before the COVID-19 outbreak and now, with the increasing financial toll on students and families, they have gained new urgency, prompting the University to make a pivotal move.

FDU is reducing the base full-time undergraduate tuition rate for all new students on the New Jersey campuses beginning in fall 2021 to $32,000. This represents a 22-25% reduction from the current base rates.

This initiative joins several important measures on behalf of our students:

  • FDU is freezing tuition rates for two consecutive years. There was no increase for the 2020-21 academic year and there again will be no increase for the 2021-22 academic year. That marks three consecutive years of the same tuition rate!
  • The University has provided generous discounts for summer and now winter courses to help students accelerate the completion of their degrees.
  • FDU has restructured graduate tuition rates — simplifying and, in many programs, reducing the cost.
  • FDU has renewed its commitment to help students graduate in four years, and created a new campaign to generate increased scholarship funds.

The new undergraduate tuition rate is especially important. While many people know the value of an FDU education, many students and their families did not believe they could afford the tuition, and they often were unaware of the many opportunities for scholarships and financial aid. We believe the new tuition rate will encourage more students to consider FDU and gain the benefits of a transformative education.

Since so many FDU students already receive significant financial aid and award packages, we expect that most of our returning students will pay a net tuition that is comparable to (or lower than) the new rate. We invite and encourage all current students to contact the University to discuss their current financial aid packages and tuition costs. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 973-443-8700 on the Florham Campus and 201-692-2363 on the Metropolitan Campus, or by email at finaid@fdu.edu.

For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions and read President Capuano’s announcement to the community.