FDU’s recent strategic planning efforts have focused heavily on improving student retention and success, as well as creating greater access and affordability. These were important priorities before the COVID-19 outbreak and now, with the increasing financial toll on students and families, they have gained new urgency, prompting the University to make a pivotal move.

In 2021, FDU took the bold step of reducing the base full-time undergraduate tuition rate for all new students by 22-25% on the New Jersey campuses.

This initiative joined several important measures on behalf of our students:

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, FDU froze tuition rates for two consecutive years.
  • The University has provided generous discounts for summer and winter courses to help students accelerate the completion of their degrees.
  • FDU recently restructured graduate tuition rates — simplifying and, in many programs, reducing the cost.
  • FDU has renewed its commitment to help students graduate in four years, and created a campaign to generate increased scholarship funds.

The current undergraduate tuition rate for students new to FDU in Fall 2021 or later and who study on the New Jersey campuses is $33,264.00 per academic year. For more details about tuition rates, see our tuition and fees webpages.

The University further provides generous financial-aid packages. Last year, more than $93 million was awarded to full-time undergraduate students, and more than 96 percent of full-time undergraduate students receive some form of aid.

If you have questions about the affordability of an FDU education for you, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 973-443-8700 on the Florham Campus and 201-692-2363 on the Metropolitan Campus, or by email at finaid@fdu.edu.

For information on applying to FDU, see the admissions webpages.