New Undergraduate Tuition Rate FAQs

What is the change to FDU’s undergraduate tuition?

After an extensive review of the current undergraduate tuition, FDU decided that in the fall of 2021, it will reduce its base full-time undergraduate annual tuition to $32,000 for all new students on both New Jersey campuses.

When does the new tuition rate go into effect?

The new undergraduate tuition rate will go into effect for all new students entering FDU in the fall 2021 semester.

Does the tuition reduction include room and board costs, or other fees?

No, only the tuition rate is being reduced.

What does this mean for returning students?

While the new undergraduate base tuition rate does not apply to returning students, FDU remains committed to providing generous financial aid packages and financial awards for current students who continue to meet all necessary requirements. Since so many FDU students already receive significant financial aid and award packages, it is expected that most returning students will pay a net tuition that is comparable to (or lower than) the new rate.

Further, FDU will freeze tuition for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years, resulting in significant savings for our returning students, showcasing our commitment to and investment in all our students.

We invite returning students who have questions about their current packages and how their net tuition costs compare to tuition levels for new students to contact the Office of Financial Aid at 973-443-8700 on the Florham Campus and 201-692-2363 on the Metropolitan Campus, or by email at

Why is FDU changing the undergraduate tuition rate?

We believe that our base tuition rate was deterring people from seeking their degree at FDU. Many students did not factor in the significant financial aid and awards available at the University when exploring their educational options. Thus, many concluded that a private education of FDU’s quality was beyond their reach. The new undergraduate tuition rate brings greater transparency and clarity to the actual costs of an FDU education. We believe that the new rate will make us more competitive and attract even more students to our programs.

What other programs have been enacted to support students?

The new undergraduate tuition rate is only one of many initiatives taken to improve student success and retention, as well as to create greater access and affordability to an FDU education. This comes on the heels of the restructuring of the graduate tuition rates in spring of 2020, which resulted in reduced rates for many programs. Additionally, FDU provided significant discounts for summer session courses in 2020 and is offering similar discounts for winter session courses. FDU further has initiated a program to help students graduate in four years, and a campaign to generate increased scholarship funds. Most critically, FDU decided to freeze undergraduate tuition for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years. Therefore, FDU’s undergraduate tuition will remain the same for three consecutive years.

Will the tuition changes require changes to the curriculum/offerings?

While the University is constantly enhancing its programs, the tuition adjustment is not a driver of changes to academic programs. FDU will continue to provide high-quality academics and career preparation, as well as continue to invest in academic programs, campus upgrades and improved amenities.