FDU Magazine style guide

Issue home page

Each issue is a child under FDU Magazine. Copy an existing issue main page and make it a sibling page. Copying carries over the landing page template, FDU Magazine banner image, the headings, and the footer information. 

  • Page title: FDU Magazine Season 202X
  • Page URL: 2020XSeason/

The page needs to be assigned Visibility: Password protected. Use password fdumagazine.

When the issue is launched, remove the password.

The magazine is one level.

Every child page of the issue page has the following format:

  • Page title (H1)is the title of the article.
  • Page URL: One-to-three keywords, delimited with hyphens in lowercase. Never include “stop words” like the, a, of, and, etc. For consistency, use the same URLs for regular sections as in other issues, such as chatter/, notes/, and news/.
  • Use the available components as needed.
  • Always adhere to the proper heading hierarchy.

If a Red Title is desired, create the text as a paragraph first, then Format it as red, then assign the appropriate heading level. It must be done in that order.