Program Template

Below is the first draft of a program page as approved by the original web planning committee.

Left Menu includes sister pages under school or department

Program Page

Uniform CTAs to be included on all program pages

Request Information

Apply Now

Schedule a Visit

Program overview copy. Should include general information about the program, differentiators, learning goals, career outcomes, etc. It is best to keep the intro less than 300 words.

Within the intro you may include an image or video, with or without a caption.

If you have multiple specializations or concentrations within the program you can create subsections using h2 headers. Recommendation is to keep each subsection within the program overview to a no more than 150 words.


Degree Plan

Course one

Course two

Course three

actual function of course layout will be determined in development stage to take advantage of course finder system


Special Information


OPTIONAL: this section can be used for additional information specific to the program such as: training and internships, portfolios, special site, articulation agreements, etc.


Admission Requirements

Program admission requirements or process information listed out  in clear bullet format.


Career Outcomes



Additional information like student or faculty quotes, program accolades, etc can go at the end.