Deleted and suspended content

A program at FDU may be unavailable for the current or upcoming semester or year. This can happen due to an emergency situation, a change in academic offerings, a change in personnel, a lack of interest — there are many reasons.

Back up and delete old content.

A program that is no longer offered at FDU should not be promoted on the website. 

For your records, you can copy the content to a folder on your hard drive.

  • View the page in your browser.
  • Type Ctrl S. 
  • Navigate to a new folder/directory and Save.
  • You’ll need to do this for each page you want to save.

We recommend that you also save the content in Office 365 OneDrive and share it with your superior and their assistant. This is handy in case one of you leaves the school/office and the information is needed by others.

The pages need to be deleted by WebOps (for now). We will physically delete the pages (a permanent deletion) and redirect the pages to related content or to the content’s parent page. This is done to prevent 404 Not Found errors for the visitor while preserving some search engine “link juice.”

Leave suspended content on the website.

It is often desirable to leave suspended content on the website with a message explaining its expected resurrection in the near future or next year. It is a good idea to couple this with an invitation to leave their email address to be notified of any changes in plans, pro or con. 

If the webpage has exact dates, change it to something generic, like: This event is typically held in the spring at Metro and in the Fall at Florham. Our visitors just need a general idea. 

Since you will be collecting an email address, you should use a professional mailing list system. FDU has experience with Constant Contact. 

Leaving the content on the website keeps it in the search engines. Visitors who search for your program will need to find in order to sign up for notifications. Having the mailing list system cuts down on other emails and phone calls you may receive.