The Program Finder is essentially a web version of the Academic Bulletins, with links to Admissions and the corresponding college, school, or department for additional information.

Adding/editing Topics

  • Program Details. When you are Editing a /program/, the Program Details section has a field (erroneously) labeled Program Format. It is the Topic. You should be able to click the field and see the options in a vertical pop-up list.
  • Quick Edit. When you are in the Dashboard looking at All Programs, the Quick Edit option has a similar field, properly labeled Program Topics. Here, the list does not show up automatically when you click in the field. However, when you type two letters, any topic with that sequence will show in the pop-up. (If you are adding to the list, follow a topic with comma-space.) e.g. “ar” will display Arts and Pharmacy. It’s enough to help prevent typos. 

Aliases for button bars and links

Red heading “Admissions” in the left nav bar.



Degree naming conventions

Degree titles standardized for concise readability

  • The degree initialism does not include periods: MBA, PharmD, BA, MS
  • Omit the word “in” in the Program Finder and in the title of the program page. It’s fine to use the word “in” elsewhere in the body copy.
  • Use “and” instead of the ampersand (&).
  • Capitalize the degree initialism, the major, concentration, and track.
  • Lowercase the words “concentration,” “combined degree,” “certificate,” and “track.”
  • Use the colon as used in the examples.
  • Never abbreviate anything.
  • No hyphens in email, ecommerce, website, cybersecurity, online.
  • The short version of the campus name should be used, in parentheses, if a degree with the same name is on more than one campus and has different degree requirements. Use title case, even if the “campus” is “Online.” This is done for consistency. Short campus names are: Metro, Florham, Wroxton, Vancouver, Online.
  • in the url name,
    • Drop “stop” words (and, the, of, in, with, etc.).
    • Use “combined” instead of “combined-degree.”
    • Omit the word “concentration.”


  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • MPH Public Health
  • PhD Clinical Psychology
  • urls:
    • bs-electrical-engineering
    • mph-public-health
    • phd-clinical-psychology

Degree: Concentration

  • BA Film and Animation: Cinematography concentration
  • BS Marine Biology: Environmental Science concentration
  • urls:
    • ba-film-animation-cinematography-concentration
    • bs-marine-biology-environmental-science-concentration

Degree (Campus Needed to Specify)

  • BS Biology (Florham)
  • BS Biology (Metro)
  • MAS Administrative Science (Online)
  • urls:
    • bs-biology-florham
    • bs-biology-metro
    • mas-administrative-science-online

Degree: Concentration (Campus Needed to Specify)

  • BA Political Science: International Relations concentration (Florham)
  • url:
    • ba-political-science-international-relations-florham

Combined Degree same discipline

  • BS MS Accounting: combined degree
  • BA MSA Sports Administration: combined degree
  • urls:
    • bs-ms-accounting-combined
    • bs-msa-sports-administration-combined

Combined Degree different disciplines

  • BA Criminal Justice MA Criminology: combined degree
  • url:
    • ba-criminal-justice-ma-criminology-combined

Undergraduate Certificate

  • Undergraduate certificate: Government Studies
  • url:
    • undergraduate-certificate-government-studies

Graduate Certificate

  • Graduate certificate: Global Leadership and Administration
  • url:
    • graduate-certificate-global-leadership-administration

Program Details


  • Florham Campus
  • Metropolitan Campus
  • Vancouver Campus
  • Wroxton Campus
  • Off-Site or Partner Location



  • Degree, Major
  • Minor
  • Certificate


  • Graduate Degree
  • Graduate Certificate


  • 4 + 1, Combined, Accelerated
  • Continuing Education
  • Degree Completion
  • Low-residency
  • Non-credit Certificate
  • Post-doctoral
  • Pre-professional
  • QUEST Teaching Certification


  • Blended
  • Fully Online
  • On-campus/On-site


  • Administrative Science
  • Animation
  • Arts
  • Biology
  • Business and Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Creative Writing
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Cyber and Homeland Security Administration
  • Education
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Film
  • Global Affairs
  • Graphic Design
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychology and Counseling
  • Public Administration
  • Social Sciences
  • Sports Administration
  • Theater

FDU degree references

Academic area short URLs (or aliases)

Alias College, school, department, center
/silberman Silberman College of Business
/business Silberman College of Business
/becton Becton College
/crime Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
/history Department of Social Sciences and History
/chemistry Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics
/biology Department of Biological Sciences
/literature Department of Literature, Languages, Writing, and Humanities (includes College Writing)
/communication Department of Communication
/math Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
/arts School of the Arts
/animation Animation and Video Games
/fineart Fine Art
/creativewr Creative Writing
/design Graphic Design
/film FDUFilm
/theater Theater Arts
/nursing Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health
/gildart-haase Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering
/ishstm International School of Hospitality, Sports and Tourism Management
/sports Sports Management
/hospitality Tourism Management
/sammartino Peter Sammartino School of Education
/education Peter Sammartino School of Education
/psychology School of Psychology and Counseling
/publicaffairs School of Public and Global Affairs
/sas School of Public and Global Affairs
/pharmacy School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
/petrocelli Anthony J. Petrocelli Center for Continuing Studies
/hispanic Hispanic Center
/rothman Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
/cps Center for Psychological Services
/cyber Center of Cybersecurity Information Assurance
/dyslexia Center for Dyslexia Studies
/clinicalteach Center for Clinical Teaching
/ld Regional Center for Learning Disabilities
/career Career Development Center