Contact Information

Contact information is available via a link in the header on every page (in the Shortcuts) to the Faculty and Staff Directory. Web pages link to the Faculty and Directory listing to reduce administrative overhead. The information should not be duplicated on other webpages.

Simple Lists

Just type the name and title. There is a link to the Faculty and Staff Directory in the header on every page of the website. Most of the time, the website visitor should be directed to a phone number or email address of the office (or administrative assistant), not an administrator or faculty.

  • Bill Kennedy, Director
  • Freda Moore, Assistant Director
  • Ardra Spector, Web Operations Specialist

Link to the data from Human Resources.

Update your personal information

As always, any corrections need to be directed to the Office of Human Relations by completing a PIN (personal information notice). The Personnel Information Notice form and the Personnel Information Notice Instructions can be found on the HR website. See:

Document list from HR

Once the change is made at HR, in about a week, it will appear automatically on the webpage in this section. If the change is not made, please contact HR. 

The website reads the information programmatically from HR and displays the content from their latest update.

Person Card Grid

Obsolete. Do not use.

Technical notes; caveats

  • The email and phone are not coded with anchor elements. The iPhone 8 shows the phone number as a link, but not the email address. The Android turns both email and phone into live links.
  • The department name and the mailstop are coded as anchors with a query string added, but a new page is not displayed.
  • “See Profile” currently links to the profile page at view2.
  • “View courses taught” links to, but a listing does not result.

Contact Card

This component is best used for an office, school or department, or for social media. 

When the information is an email address or phone number, a smartphone will make it an active link. To enter a link (URL), the content editor must include the HTML for the appropriate anchor element.

Example: <a href=””>/FDU-facebook</a>

Contact Information
Web Operations
hand-coded link
plain text
plain text
Dickinson Hall, Second Floor, H-DH2-14
hand-coded link
hand-coded link
Contact Information
Office of Communications
H-DH3-15, Dickinson Hall, Metropolitan Campus
201-692-7030 Voice, 908-555-1212 Fax
plain text