Parting Shot

Sticker Collection

A young woman wearing glasses and sitting in the library, types on her laptop. The laptop has many colorful stickers on the exterior.

(Photo: Brian Lewis)

By Kenna Caprio

Look around the classroom or the library and there they are — cute and vibrant or kitschy and cool laptop decals — an eye-catching way to announce who you are and what you’re into. Music fan? Anime obsessive? Sports buff? Want to show FDU pride or support for a student club or organization? There’s a sticker for that.

Gabriella Linden, a junior psychology and sociology double major at the Florham Campus, customized her laptop with bright and colorful music-themed stickers and decals. There’s a “Taylor’s version” decal and silhouettes of Harry Styles, The Beatles and Chase Atlantic, plus some stickers that relate to specific songs, like the smiley face (“To Be So Lonely” by Styles) and the cassette tape (“OHMAMI” by Chase Atlantic).

“Taylor Swift has been my favorite artist since kindergarten,” Linden says. “Listening to music is something that brings me a lot of joy. I like sharing my musical taste with other people.”

A few non-music decals did make it on — the Phi Sigma Sigma decal (“I love our values and our school and college readiness philanthropy”); The Lovers, Linden’s favorite tarot card; and an FDU sticker, designed by a friend.

Ultimately, stickers and decals are about self-expression. What’s on your laptop? Tag us on Instagram, @fduwhatsnew!