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Vibrant Campus Map

Alumna Kailyn Knight, BA’21 (Flor), made this Florham Campus map illustration in a class with Janet O’Neil, professor of graphic design. She describes it as a “kaleidoscope of color,” capturing campus spaces and places in the fall as the leaves change. The illustration was featured on THEY DRAW, a platform showcasing the work of illustrators worldwide.

"RIP Sister Margherita Marchione, longtime professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham Park, N.J. She taught me to speak book Italian, and she taught me well. #fairleighdickinson @FDUWhatsNew"
— Ryan Field, @RyanField

Letters to the Editor

As an alumna, I am so proud of and inspired by the special forum presented in the Fall 2021 edition of the magazine, showcasing alumni, faculty and students who are advocating for diversity, inclusion and elevating Black and marginalized people. This was a truly special edition of those championing the fight for social justice. I appreciated this focus, and hope that this will not be a one-off and that you will continue to publicize all the work being done for social justice and equity by current students, faculty and alumni of this wonderful institution.

Maria Underwood, BA’85 (Ruth)

This latest magazine illustrating the change in FDU over the years has to be acknowledged. When I entered FDU, I didn’t see many people of color. The emphasis on diversity deserves all accolades and compliments. I graduated in 1970, and I hope you understand my elation on seeing your cover and the ensuing article. Again, thank you and the University for the great job you all are doing.

George Tyson, MA’ 70 (Metro)

By the time I was two, I had visited all the states in the union. My picture appeared in an Omaha, Neb., newspaper — I was on a scooter in the photo, alongside an article about the accomplishment. My parents got a phone call asking if I had done it on a scooter. Your profile on Maame Mensah, and her goal to visit all 50 states, gave me a smile and brought back this memory!

Janice Kinsler Smith, MA’ 70 (Ruth)

My compliments on an outstanding magazine. I’m familiar with good journalism, and your magazine is a publication to be proud of — keep up the fine work. FDU “set the stage” for my fulfilling life and career in journalism and public relations and marked the start of an amazing journey for yours truly.

Alan Priggé , BA’61 (Ruth)

My memories of FDU are wonderful. Fifty-one years later, I’ve never forgotten the education, activities and friendships. The late Nasrollah Fatemi [director emeritus of the Graduate Institute of International Studies]; his son, Faramarz (Jim) Fatemi [professor emeritus of history and political science]; the late Dr. [Willis] Rudy [professor emeritus of history]; Dr. John Fisher [professor emeritus of languages]; and many others were great. I loved chorus with the late [John] Bullough [professor of music]; WFDU (we were 860 AM, no FM yet!); meeting Alexander Kerensky, a Russian revolutionary, at the Rutherford Campus; Moving Up Day; and the parties and dances in the Student Union. After graduating, I served in the Army, then attended law school at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. For the last 33 years, I’ve lived in Vermont, where I am an adjunct at Norwich University. My best to all of you!

Ron Merolli , BA’ 70 (Metro)