Call Him Mike

The Avaltroni Era Begins

By Kenna Caprio

Photos by Karsten Moran

FDU Magazine caught up with Michael Avaltroni at the end of the spring semester for an insider’s view of the president’s schedule. Over the course of a few days, he attended countless meetings; answered emails; engaged the community on social media; and celebrated student, faculty and staff achievements. The president sets the tone for the University, and he’s a man on a mission to uplift all FDU constituents and put students first. “There’s a lot of talking in this job, but even more listening. It’s about showing up in every way possible,” says Avaltroni.


A man wearing glasses and suit sits in a well-appointed office at a desk, behind a laptop computer and smiles.
President Michael Avaltroni in his Hennessy Hall office on the Florham Campus.
A banquet in a ballroom, with a lot of people sitting at tables to eat. A man in a suit stands at a podium.
Each year, the University honors those faculty and staff celebrating milestone years of service. Here, President Avaltroni delivers opening remarks at the event.
A man in suit stands chatting with students who are studying for finals.
President Avaltroni stops by the Dickinson Café in Dickinson Hall on the Metropolitan Campus to chat with and cheer on nursing students as they study for their final exams.
Two men in suits walk and talk outside.
Benjamin Rifkin, interim University provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, left, and Michael Avaltroni in conversation on the portico of Hennessy Hall at the Florham Campus.
People sit in folding chairs at an outdoor awards reception.
At the 46th annual student awards ceremony, President Avaltroni looks on as Metropolitan Campus students receive their awards. Students were honored for their excellence in academics, athletics and student affairs.
A young woman films a man for TikTok.
Sydnie Fatt, BA’20, MA’21 (Flor), University social media manager, right, films President Avaltroni for his TikTok debut.
A group of people stand in a circle outside and chat.
There’s always time for a meet and greet! University employees mingle outside with President Avaltroni.

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