In Concert

Picture it: A collection of guitars, amps and microphones dot a stage. The venue is standing room only, filled to the brim with cheering fans. It’s concert time.

FDU has a long legacy of inviting popular bands and performers to campus — including the likes of Billy Joel, Frank Zappa, Sly and the Family Stone, Patty Smyth, The Temptations, Ravi Shankar and The Beach Boys.

Step back in time, and enjoy the show.

1967 — Sammy Davis, Jr.
A singer performs. This is a vintage photo.
1969 — Pete Seeger
A folk singer strums a banjo and sings into a standing microphone as a sitting crowd watches. It's a vintage photo.
1969 — Sly and the Family Stone
Two musicians play the trumpet and the saxophone.
1974 — David Crosby
A male musician with long hair sits on a stool on stage, strumming an acoustic guitar and singing into a standing microphone.
1975 — Billy Joel
A man sits playing a piano and singing into a microphone.
1976 — Dizzy Gillespie
A man wearing a graduation cap and gown plays the trumpet.
1981 — The Ramones
A rock band plays on stage.