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A dog sitting on a fuzzy dog bed with a copy of the FDU Magazine
Enzo, a Yorkie puppy, curls up with “True Crime, True Obsession,” a story about podcasting criminology professors and their show “Direct Appeal,” in the Winter/Spring 2020 issue. (Photo: Jenna Kohler, MA'09 [Flor])
"Just received the latest issue [Winter/Spring 2020] of the magazine. It is outstanding, with page after page of interesting articles. "
— Ron Enfield, MS'82 (Metro)

Cover image of the FDU MagazineDear Friends,

I was delighted to read “Dialed In” in the Winter/Spring 2020 issue. I spent many hours at the microphone at WFDU-FM from 1981-83. Station manager Carl Kraus helped me land a job at WPATFM.

In those years, the most popular WFDU program was “Music America,” featuring early blues, bluegrass and folk tunes. I now teach at a performing arts school in Florida, and I’m sharing my rich knowledge of our country’s musical history with my students, thanks to my time at WFDU.

Thanks for the memories,
Elizabeth Ramsey Clark, BA’83 (Metro)

Watercolor painting of the Hackensack River

(Art by: Elianny Rodriguez)

Sophomore Elianny Rodriguez painted this gorgeous watercolor of the Hackensack River flowing through the Metropolitan Campus at sunset. “Talking a walk or sitting in those swings to watch the sunset keeps me grounded and brings me peace,” she says.

We Regret the Omission
Musicians from the 2019 Wamfest event take a bow on stage.
In the Winter/Spring 2020 issue, we covered WAMFest 2019, celebrating Latinx heritage, words, music and art. But the lead photo did not include Venezuelan-American pianist Vanessa Perez, who performed with the American String Quartet. In this photo, all the musicians take their richly deserved bows. Thank you to Lupe Suarez, BA'78 (Metro) for alerting us to our neglect. (Photo: Patrick Maloney)