Dean’s Office to Commemorate Marshall Bartlett 

A photo of the plaque featuring Marshall P. Bartlett and his name.

This plaque will hang in the newly
named dean’s office to honor
Marshall Bartlett.

By Anne Sherber

When Marshall P. Bartlett passed away in September 2019, his family lost a beloved husband, father and grandparent; his neighbors lost an effective and committed community activist; and FDU lost a teacher, a friend, a benefactor and an advocate.

When Bartlett retired as general tax counsel of Exxon Company International, he could have easily embraced the quiet life with Margaret, his wife of more than 50 years, worked on improving his golf game and rested on his considerable laurels.

But Bartlett had other ideas. He decided to teach at FDU’s Silberman College of Business, and also developed its international tax law curriculum.

Although not an alumnus, Bartlett developed a strong connection to FDU during his tenure, believing it to be an institution of opportunity, where students from across the economic spectrum can pursue their dreams. Before his death, through a generous commitment of more than $1 million, he established the Marshall and Margaret Bartlett Endowed Scholarship; the Marshall and Margaret Bartlett Annual Scholarship; and the Marshall and Margaret Bartlett Teaching Innovation Fellowship Award, which honors excellence in teaching, research and service to Silberman College.

In recognition of the profound impact that his service and philanthropy has had on the University, the Office of the Dean of the Silberman College of Business will now be known as the Marshall P. Bartlett Dean’s Office. The University will host a dedication ceremony once it is safely possible.

Marshall’s son John believes that his father would be pleased to have a continued presence at FDU. “Our family is deeply honored by this recognition of my father. He was very committed to the mission of FDU,” he says. “Dad always felt that it was an honor and a privilege to be able to assist FDU in its mission to provide access to higher education to bright, talented, ambitious students.”

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