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Top 5 Reasons to choose the Master in Hospitality Management Studies degree

  1. Founded in 1942, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s International School of Hospitality, Sports, and Tourism Management is one of the oldest hospitality programs in the U.S, and the program is currently listed by The Best Schools.org as number four out of the top 20 hospitality schools in America.
  2. Fairleigh Dickinson University has an outstanding faculty of industry professionals who have spent years gaining practical industry work experience.
  3. Fairleigh Dickinson University’s commitment to global education assures students of an education that embraces the world. Students will study with others from over 60 countries worldwide and will have opportunity to participate in overseas seminars in Switzerland, Italy and other countries.
  4. International students are eligible for off-campus work opportunities during their studies and three year post-graduate work permit upon graduation from Vancouver Campus. Both international and Canadian students can take advantage of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s robust career services department and connections with the business community when looking for employment.
  5. Students will join a worldwide network of more than 3,000 alumni in Hospitality and Tourism leadership positions, where they will find valuable connections for internships and careers. Fairleigh Dickinson University Alumni can be found in the following world-class organizations:
    • Marriott Hotels and Resorts
    • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
    • Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
    • Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
    • Accor Hotels and Resorts
    • Rosewood Hotels
    • Sandman Hotel Group
    • Vail Resorts
    • Vancouver Convention Centre
    • Turkish Airlines
    • Starbucks Corporation
    • Restaurant Brands International
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