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Parting Shot: Ye Olde Banquet

A collage of three photos show students dressed in medieval costumes for a banquet.

Students studying abroad go all out, getting into costume and character, at the Medieval Banquet, held at Wroxton College each semester. From left: Ralphy Williams, BA’20 (Flor); Annie Fillenwarth, BA’18 (Flor); Ricky Belizaire, BA’19 (Flor), and Gabrielle Maitland, BA’19 (Flor). (Photos courtesy of Williams, Fillenwarth and Belizaire)

A man in medieval clothes poses outside of Wroxton Abbey.

DaShaun Williams, BA’19 (Flor). (Photo courtesy of Williams)

The Medieval Banquet at Wroxton College is a time-honored tradition dating back 30 years. Students studying abroad delight in medieval festivities — a toast with mead in the Buttery, a traditional dinner and performances by a jester and minstrels in the dining hall.

They can rent, or “hire” in British parlance, traditional attire to wear for the evening and dress like a lady, a bar wench, a lord, a friar or a jester. “I dressed as a bar wench. I loved the Buttery and spent lots of time there. I wanted to feel authentic,” says Ralphy Williams, BA’20 (Flor).

It’s a special night, often filled with dancing, laughter and many selfies.

“When everyone dispersed at the end of the night, a group of us hung back in the Buttery,” says Annie Fillenwarth, BA’18 (Flor). “The only CD we could find was a collection of Motown hits, so we put it on and danced in our medieval garb. Such a fun memory!”

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