We Offer a Broad Range of Comprehensive and Dynamic Management Programs

The cutting-edge programs and courses offered to lead the way toward a successful career in business. We continually review and modify our programs and courses to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date curricula.

We offer a Management major in the undergraduate program with concentrations in Leadership and Human Resources Management. We also offer an Entrepreneurship major. You can major in general Business Administration with an optional concentration in Information Systems, International Business, and Professional Selling and Sales Management.

We also offer minors in Leadership, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Professional Selling and Sales Management, and Sustainability Management for business students as well as non-business students. 


The Leadership major prepares you for a career in management through an emphasis on ethical management practices, leadership skills and styles, team management, and project and change management. Students come away with a better understanding of themselves and working with others.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resource Management major exposes you to best practices and specific techniques for managing talent in an organization, including recruitment, selection, employee development, retention, and engagement.

MBA Programs

At the graduate level, we offer an MBA in Leadership and Managing Innovation as well as in Pharmaceutical Management. The MBA in Leadership and Managing Innovation focuses on leadership, change management, sustainability, and human resource management. The Pharmaceutical Management specialization prepares you for managerial positions in the pharmaceutical industry, through an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Executive MBA [EMBA]

You can also specialize in General Management through our Executive MBA program.


Management and Entrepreneurship

Professor Emeritus

  • Dennis Scotti, Professor of Management
  • Daniel Twomey, Professor of Management

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More Information

For more information on any of these programs, contact Dr. Gwen Jones, Chair of the Management and Entrepreneurship Department, gjones@fdu.edu or at 973-443-8850.

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