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We Offer a Broad Range of Comprehensive and Dynamic Management Programs

The cutting-edge programs and courses offered to lead the way toward a successful career in business. We continually review and modify our programs and courses to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date curricula.

We offer a Management major in the undergraduate program with concentrations in Leadership and Human Resources Management. We also offer an Entrepreneurship major. You can major in general Business Administration with an optional concentration in Information Systems, International Business, and Professional Selling and Sales Management.

We also offer minors in Leadership, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Professional Selling and Sales Management, and Sustainability Management for business students as well as non-business students. 


The Leadership major prepares you for a career in management through an emphasis on ethical management practices, leadership skills and styles, team management, and project and change management. Students come away with a better understanding of themselves and working with others.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resource Management major exposes you to best practices and specific techniques for managing talent in an organization, including recruitment, selection, employee development, retention, and engagement.

MBA Programs

At the graduate level, we offer an MBA in Leadership and Managing Innovation as well as in Pharmaceutical Management. The MBA in Leadership and Managing Innovation focuses on leadership, change management, sustainability, and human resource management. The Pharmaceutical Management specialization prepares you for managerial positions in the pharmaceutical industry, through an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Executive MBA [EMBA]

You can also specialize in General Management or Health Sector Management through our Executive MBA program.

A short history of entrepreneurship education at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University has had an entrepreneurship focus in its business school curriculum since the early 1990s. One of the first Universities to create a dedicated center for entrepreneurship outreach and, based upon its requirement to have entrepreneurship as a required class in the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, it was a pioneer in its vision to provide business students with an education that responded to the need to provide, in the words of FDU founder, Peter Sammartino, “…an education of and for the world.” The need for this type of education has not diminished – rather, the economic crises that we have experienced politically and economically over the last decade have provided resounding evidence that this is more necessary today than ever before. Entrepreneurship can provide the mechanism through which sound ethical values and business practices can be learned and taught.

Entrepreneurship education at the Silberman College of Business

Entrepreneurship education has been a distinguishing feature of our curriculum and one of the ways in which the college has provided professional education with grounding in the real world. At the undergraduate level in the Business Planning Forum class, (BUSI 3160) students create a full business plan, and at the MBA level students create a feasibility analysis for a business opportunity. The Business Planning Forum class is an integrative class that draws upon knowledge acquired during prior years, including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Ethics. For those students who choose to proceed to a major in entrepreneurship, this class serves as the introduction to the rest of the curriculum, as does the Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTR 6012) class at the graduate level. Our entrepreneurship classes have historically provided the opportunity to obtain enviable rankings in annual Princeton Review surveys.

Until 2003 the entrepreneurship discipline was housed in the Department of Management, Marketing, Information Systems, and Decision Sciences in the Silberman College of Business. A Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship was born in 2003 and the department is now responsible for faculty, curriculum, and research in marketing and entrepreneurship. The Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is focused on outreach efforts at the campus and local community levels, in which department faculty participate.

In 2006 faculty were awarded a grant by the New Jersey Department of Education to help develop a business curriculum for high-achieving students at the Teaneck High School. Collaborating with the Bergen County College faculty from the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship as well as Accounting have assisted in writing and implementing curriculum in three content areas: Marketing, Accounting, and Mathematical Methods. Faculty have presented at national and state conferences on this work.

Students in the entrepreneurship major are eligible for scholarship funding by applying for such funding via the department by completing the application form and submitting it to Financial Aid. Selection is made in early fall and awards done soon afterward. Interested students should contact the department chair for more information.

The Female Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (FEA) is organized through the academic department and supported in this outreach activity by staff at the Rothman Institute. Each spring the FEA selects one female entrepreneur in New Jersey to receive the honor of being named the female entrepreneur of the year. In addition, the department faculty facilitates the outreach work of the FEA by delivering seminars focused on business development at the Florham campus – this is done in conjunction with the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO).

Faculty are involved at a national level with the premier professional organization for entrepreneurship educators, USASBE


Management and Entrepreneurship

Professors Emeritus

  • Mary Beaven, Professor of Management
  • Richard Ottaway, Professor of Management
  • Daniel Twomey, Professor of Management


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