The Doerfler Impact

An illustrated portrait of a woman.

Krystyna Doerfler

Krystyna Doerfler’s late husband, Ronald Doerfler, BS’65, MBA’72 (Ruth), left behind a legacy of advocacy and support as a benefactor and trustee of FDU. When he passed away suddenly in 2013, the University created a scholarship in his memory, bolstered by gifts from friends, family and colleagues.

Today, the Ronald J. Doerfler Memorial Scholarship supports students studying in the University’s M.F.A. program in creative writing.

For his wife Krys Doerfler, that scholarship launched a new level of personal engagement.

“First, I met the faculty. Then, I met the students. What I quickly realized was just how wonderful and talented everyone associated with the School of the Arts is,” she says.

Doerfler soon became the founding chair of the School of the Arts Advisory Board. And her passion for the arts and her generosity toward the University is helping to fuel an arts resurgence at FDU.

A $150,000 gift went toward the installation of a new studio dance floor in the Ferguson Recreation Center at the Florham Campus. Recently, she gave a $650,000 gift to the animation program, which resulted in the new animation lab in Dreyfuss Hall. She’s also continuing to provide support for scholarships. Her future sights are set on the renovation of Dreyfuss Building, with a particular emphasis on reimagining the theater.

“One of my happiest days was when the University made me an honorary alumna. As a proud alumna, I want to give back to my University, to ensure that our students have the best opportunities to succeed.”